The Well is a national marketplace where businesses can connect with the creative, communication, marketing and technology specialists as needed, when needed, in a variety of truly scalable and affordable ways.


Project Specialists

When sourcing partners for creative, communication or technology projects, modern day marketing teams are increasingly turning to individual, and combinations of specialists, to develop and execute projects and campaigns - in part, or from start to finish.


'Well Assembled'

Tackle big projects, full campaigns and specialized activities without overhead, mark-ups and excess billable or ride-along positions - while still reaping all the benefits that come with working with specialists.


'Well placed'

Get the permanent talent you want. Instantly. Without the traditional recruitment risks.

 'Well Placed' let's you try-before-you-buy. There are hundreds of individuals who are freelancing their way into their next full time gig - using 'Well Placed' .


Who's Using The Well