Zoran Jokic

As a Senior Training and Development Consultant I have deployed numerous coaching and training projects for small to large organizations globally. I have extensive experience working in diverse environments as a professional consultant to public and private sectors providing consultation on a wide range of strategic planning, technology, customer service, change management, and leadership topics. He is a proven thinker on leadership effectiveness, teamwork, cultural and generational diversity. I hold several certificates from reputable organizations and government institutions and have been called upon to customize training materials for leadership, communication, interpersonal and management programs for a variety of audience from employees to Executive levels.

For several years I have developed and delivered projects for the technology giants. Creating and delivering business impact sessions for future leaders, business owners and management teams within the Atlantic region I am told I possess an enormous ability to transfer knowledge to any type of audience while improving process and technical ability within the organization.  My can-do approach has helped not-for-profit and for profit organizations improve their marketability, business positioning and profitability.

Outside of working with clients directly, I have published articles on economic development topics such as: Impact on Business vs. Return on Investment and Glocal (Global Locally). Last year, I served on the judges’ panel for The Empathy Factory, as an extension of the work I have done with younger generations around emotional intelligence.



I believe that leadership needs to evolve and it has to be nourished often by Professional Development. Businesses seeking training, development of executive professional development programs and organizations seeking to advance their business through business and leadership coaching are invited to reach out to me.


Zoran's Specializations

Training and Coaching, Strategic Planning, Change Management, CRM Effectiveness, Team Building Effectiveness, Supply Chain Management, Project Management

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AT&T, Cingular Wireless, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Cisco IBM, Bell, Teleperformance, Ocean 66, Vxi, Northwood, Hercules SLR, Spartan, Stellar, Wire Rope, Nautel Ltd, BDCs, Holiday Inn, Delta Hotels, Remax Nova, Exit Metro, RBC, Scotia Bank