'Well Researched'

posing questions to data, instead of people, to get to the truth.

Web surveys, street and phone surveys, focus groups…they’ve been around for decades. They still serve a purpose, but so many businesses and governments need something different today. Insights that go deeper. That tell a story and answer the hard questions.

We use Big Data tools to dive deep into online conversations in social and news media and other channels. We then turn all that conversation into insights. The kind of insights that are game changing.

'Well Researched' uses documented, observed consumer behaviours to develop reports and commissioned studies for your business, brand, product or service. Evidence proves that phone and internet surveys are antiquated research tools because you are getting aged, dishonest opinions that serve no purpose but hindering your inquiry. Traditional research means present you with invalid data whereas Well Researched uses text analysis, deep web search engine, artificial intelligence and three different human passes. We’re able to base our findings on factual, true data, based on observation as opposed to question and answer, that a phone or web survey simply cannot provide.

Think of your local coffee shop. Sitting there, listening to all those conversations, hearing people talk without filter, no bias, freely and openly. Now multiply that by thousands of coffee shops all at once and being able to be that “fly on the wall.” That’s what we do. We have the tools to listen, filter and find the diamonds. The juicy insights.


Rethink ResearcH Retail Report Available Now

Digital360 Brand Analysis:

Average cost $4,700. Average time frame for completion 2 weeks

Customized to your specific needs - this perception analysis allows for precise and very specific reporting on big concepts. How do consumers really perceive your brand? What's the actual need for your product? What are the seasonal behaviours of tourists? What are the correlations between purchasing habits and peer reviews? How about comparing your brand against your two main competitors? Don't worry about forming the questions. Instead, focus on the truths you need to know to move your business or organization forward.


We’ve Done This Before. A lot.

Over the past several years, we’ve completed over 300 digital research projects for clients around the world. From the United Nations and Global Affairs Canada to Black & Decker, Tim Horton’s, Tourism Nebraska and many, many more. Our primary work is for consumer and business to business marketing and brand analysis.

Online Competitor Analysis

How do you stack up against your primary competitors online? How about your mobile engagement? Are your competitors gaining ground? What’s their marketing strategy?

Social Media Audit

You may well be using social media analysis tools to monitor your online engagement. But they only go so far and aren’t capable of doing deep dives around competitors and issues analysis.

Pre-Campaign Research

About to start a major campaign? Need some creative insights? Want to know what your competition is up to to get ahead of them? Looking for ideas around messaging? How abouta quick deep dive and analysis?

Market Research

Launching a new product or service? Planning to enter a new market? We can go deep and internationally. We’ll not only deliver the competitive landscape and growth opportunity, we’ll provide competitor and brand insights.

Total Addressable Market (TAM) 

If you’re a startup or just want to get a better grip on the market opportunity, we provide both top-down and bottom-up TAM’s. Our bottom-up TAM is a comprehensive Excel workbook that will be a powerful sales tool and very useful for your marketing team as well.


Coming Soon

Behavioural Truths publication

 A soon to be published report, base on observed Canadian Consumer behaviours designed for marketing teams as a foundational tool for the development of their own consumer playbook.  This publication will be available in two forms -  A data only report and an interpreted report that includes annotations and hints on actioning by behavioural economists and customer experience specialists in The Well.  Subscribe to the newsletter for release dates.


Giles Crouch

report authour and Digital Anthropologist

I use an evolutionary new form of research: Observed Digital Behaviours. Analysing digital channels from social and news media to knowledge sites and more. Consumers digital lives can provide powerful new insights for marketers. I lead the Well Researched business unit as Managing Partner.

brenden sommerhalder

market researcher

I’m a Swiss Army knife for finding insights using rigourous primary quantitative research approaches. My background in applied psychology, advanced statistics, and research methods combined with my years of experience with marketing and public opinion put me at a unique cross-section.