Well Placed  

When you’re hiring for any marketing, tech, communications or creative position, you never what you’ve got until you start working with someone. Their portfolio may look awesome, they interviewed really well and seemed to understand the company only to turn out to be a nightmare employee.

The best people to hire are people who are already working. Well Placed brings you a different kind of freelancer; one who can see things from the business owner’s perspective, one who is looking for a full-time position. They’re not leveraging job interviews to get a better salary with their current job. They’re looking for their fit, the next best step in their career. They’re not driven by bitterness or looking to abandon their current job, they’re looking for their perfect match.

Well Placed puts your recruitment dollars to work immediately. We can often have candidates to you as fast as 48 hours who can start on your projects while you get to see if they’re a good fit.


+ Budgetting

Hiring someone for marketing, advertising, communications or technology can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. The candidate may have a stellar portfolio and seem like they're a good fit for your company until you hire them and realize they aren't a good fit at all. You've wasted time and energy on the hiring process and you’re now stuck with an employee you don't want. With Well Placed, we offer the ideal solution that:

  • Shortens the hire cycle
  • Reduces risk
  • Saves you money on the hiring process
  • Lets you test drive talent until you find a good match

+ Timing


Created after talking to marketing and technical resource managers across Canada about the pitfalls and the pain points that come with recruiting for marketing, advertising, communications and technological talents, Well Placed represents qualified individuals who are ready to work with you right away.

  • Within 24hrs of your request you'll be presented with three candidates who have been vetted for portfolio authenticity, references, experience, personality, cultural fit and price point who are ready to get right to work.
  • Well Placed allows you to continue to meet your marketing, advertising, communications and technological requirements while auditioning a potential keeper.
  • No costly HR requirements or severance packages because the engagement simply ends on your terms.

+ Avoid Pitfalls


With Well Placed you simply pay the for the specialist’s time as a consultant while building up credit against the eventual hiring fee applied to this or any other specialist. For every month you test drive someone's abilities for a specific position, you gain a credit of $1,000 CAD (to a maximum of $3,000) to put against the 15% (one year annual salary) hiring fee, applied when a full-time offer is accepted.