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My education started in fine arts; visual interpretation and communication of message was my key focus. I entered my career as a designer and worked my way through all elements of digital user experience from project management to client and team director. With this wealth of experience, I bring deep insight into digital user experience structures and audience communication, and how pathways of communication have evolved.

My focus is understanding the relationship between audience experience, communication, and end-to-end marketing strategies in the digital eco system. With the rapid growth of cross-device usage and mobile native consumption, I strongly believe that mapping the customer touchpoints (in the micro-moments)  is our biggest challenge to successfully capture attention and steer the consumer experience. 


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'From smaller start-ups to large corporate clients, those that have an entrepreneural spirit and want the best for their customers and are eager to make changes for the better.

Would it be repetitive to say, once again, “amazing job”
— Jeff, Segment Manager, Member Relevance, CMA
Ursula is a rare leaders who is able to effortlessly transition from strategy to solving technical issues. I believe it is due to her ability to look at a situation or problem in the minutest detail and completely holistically in order to offer her client well thought out recommendations. Plus, she is involved with her clients from day one – immersing herself in their business and helping out wherever needed so her insight is not formed at one level.
— Deirdre Doyle, CRM Manager, HomeDepot

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Digital and Online Marketing, User Experience Strategic Leadership, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy, Project Planning, Project Management, Customer Engagement, CRM

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Canadian Medical Association, Teachers Life - Life Insurance, Confederation College, Investor Education Fund / Ontario Security Commissions, Bridgehouse Investments, Canon Canada, Bulk Barn, Tilley Endurables, The Home Depot - CRM Programs, BMW Canada & MINI Canada, ThankYou Network (CitiBank), MasterCard Canada