about me 

Over the 6 years of working in the UX Design/Strategy world, I have had the pleasure to work directly with all types of clients, from the Ontario Government, small to large corporations, to start-ups. Because of this variety, I am very good at adapting and pivoting to any situation and being able to problem solve for all types of issues.

I enjoy working with all types of groups and can adapt to any given environment.  I am a very friendly individual that takes the time to understand those around me, to build on friendships and relationships.  At the same time, if there is a need for me to focus on my own, I can easily switch gears and finish off any given work.


perfect match

I’m a UX Designer/Strategist looking to join a team that enjoys pushing their limits, failing fast and learning at any given time.


highlighted clients

Government of Ontario: Employment and Training Division, Canadian International Airshow, Mapyourproperty, Securefact

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6 Years Expierence

UX Designer, UI Designer, Project Management, User Research, Digital Content Strategy, User Testing, Wireframing