tina barnes

I spent many years leading strategic initiatives in Toronto working for large organizations, and am now passionate about leveraging that skillset to help organizations grow. I have over 20 years experience in strategic planning, commercialization of ideas, marketing products, consumer packaged goods and media, and love rolling up my sleeves, sharing ideas and knowledge and driving results. Many call me fixer; I have the ability to see through an existing approach and either provide a different direction, or pave the path to commercialization.

I spent several years selling technology solutions internationally and in the US/Canada. Distribution and Channel Strategy development is now one of my core areas of expertise for Start ups in commercializing their ideas.

I develop go-to market plans for small to medium businesses, while leaning on the pillars of strategic marketing



Projects supported by the Executive team that are resourced and supported, centered around a key issue/launch, work environment that is collaborative but also supports time to think alone.

“Tina represents the best of intelligent
marketing experience, combined with a keen
understanding and insight into where mobile
is going, and how to market on the mobile
platform. She is able to bring it all together in
a way that generates a great user experience,
as well as revenues.”
-Louise Clements, President Digital,
McClaren McCann Advertising

tina's Specializations

Channel Strategy & Business Development, Strategic Planning, Commercialization

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Rogers, EastLink, Postmedia, Symantec, Xplornet, Several Startups, Infospace