From the Trenches: Ursula Green

What do you get when you take a long-time agency girl and put her in the consulting world? A specialist who knows the ins and outs of her industry. In other words, digital UX strategy and marketing specialist Ursula Green.

Ursula began consulting as a side gig to her fulltime work in agencies - where she started in graphic design and worked her way up to VP of digital strategy - to help out some of her co-workers in the industry. In September of 2016, she decided to take the leap into full-time consulting and hasn’t looked back.

She says that being a consultant means that she can get more intimate with her clients, and can service them better than she had been able to in other traditional settings. In her past life working fulltime, she found that she was often caught between the needs of her clients, and the needs of the agencies she was working for. Being a specialist freelancer allows Ursula to dedicate her attention to what is most important about the work – the client.  

Ursula is currently working on her first project with The Well. It started out small but has now blown up into something she could never have imagined. Being mindful of her clients wishes – something Ursula has always put as a priority – she is keeping the name of her client confidential, but says that it has been a dream to work with them. The people she has been working with have been so open and wiling to accept the end vision that she feels less like a hired gun, and more like a part of the team.

“A difficult project done with good people makes all the difference. This is an awesome project done with amazing people, so there’s a lot to be excited about.”

The project involves taking numerous existing online properties and sites and putting them into one consolidated property, with more user-friendly, journey-driven designs. It means merging multiple sites that have mismatched structures, are off-brand and unaesthetically pleasing into one, easy place. The challenge that Ursula is most eager about is learning how to create something that is not a one-size-fits-all, but a place that has something for everybody depending on where they are and how they are accessing it.

She says the best feedback that she has ever received has come from the main client on this project: “thank you for making me look so good!” Ursula says that it makes her proud to know that she is meeting her client’s goals in a way that makes them feel supported and cared for by her. The ultimate goal at the end of her day is to make her clients happy.

Her days have certainly taken her to some pretty crazy places. She says some of her career highlights have included learning more about backyard equipment than she ever thought to know, meeting a retro-funky artist in NYC who gave her one of his famous posters. The biggest one that came to mind when asked is the day she was allowed to test drive several high end competitive vehicles for BMW around a race-track to test their limits. “How many people can say they’ve done that?!” she laughs.

After spending only a few minutes chatting with Ursula, it’s easy to see why her clients fall in love with her so quickly. She’s always up for a challenge, and willing to do what needs to be done.

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