Twitter Interview: Well Assembled

In the beginning of the month, we officially released “Well Assembled” to the masses. The new facet of The Well comes with ready-made teams of professionals who are experts in executing specific projects, with everything from employee satisfaction to multi-media campaigns.

Last week, we thought we may as well show off some of the masterminds behind these teams. On September 19th, we hosted a Twitter Interview to talk to the members of three Well Assembled teams. Don’t worry if you missed it – we’ve typed up the transcript for your reading pleasure.

Paul Dike answered on behalf of himself and his teammate, Colin Winn. Paul and Colin have worked together for years, and have won multiple awards over their time together. They tackle full advertising campaigns, and have worked on popular commercials. You can learn more about Paul and Colin’s work here.

Ashton Rodenhiser spoke for her and her employee satisfaction teammate Bernice Theriault. Ashton and Bernice work together using engaging dialogue and incorporating visual representation to gather information from an organization’s employees. They provide feedback that can’t be gathered through traditional means, and outline quick, actionable steps to grow and improve. You can learn more about Ashton and Bernice’s work here.

Jenn Rodgers champed the interview for her and her counterpart, Robyn McIsaac. Jenn and Robyn combine their expertise in customer experience to create corporate communications strategies that achieve the goals they are set out to do. Their four step process has proven time and time again how effectively they work together. You can learn more about Jenn and Robyn’s work here.

Wishing you could have heard from these folks? You’ll have an opportunity soon to hear from more of our experts coming soon – keep an eye out on our social media! If you’d like to read over the interview from September 19th, it’s right here for you.