Twitter Interview: Strategy

June 13th, we hosted our second Twitter Interview at The Well! Just like the first, the interview generated lots of attention in the Twitterverse, and we received lots of care via favourites and retweets, as well as a good number of cool new followers (if you’re one of those new people reading this, welcome! Stick around and poke around our site a little bit. Heck, even if you’re one of the old guys, we encourage you to poke).

For this latest Twitter Interview, we asked questions to three ladies who are specialist consultants in strategy.

Elizabeth Horodnyk (@ehorodnyk) comes from Kitchener, Ontario and will sink her teeth into any project – big or small. Part of her focus lies in digital media strategy, including SEO and SEM. She knows her way around brand management and social media as well, and brings a unique and creative flair to everything she touches. Read more about Elizabeth and her work here.

Sherie Hodds (@plumcoach) is a certified professional Co-Active Coach from Bedford, Nova Scotia. Her work lies in working closely with clients to create change and move forward, with compelling stories at the heart of it. In case you hadn’t noticed from the Interview, Sherie’s very big on storytelling. Read more about Sherie and her work here.

Ursula Green (@ursulagreen) is a Toronto specialist in digital strategy, including UX, marketing, and CRM. She was a little late to the conversation due to unforeseen circumstances, but that really didn’t stop her from banging out some insightful answers and helpful advice. Ursula is an expert in understanding relationships within the “digital eco system”. Read more about Ursula here.

It was great to chat with these fine people, and enjoyed hearing some of the things they had to say. Great minds truly do think alike, as many responses – although not exactly the same – held some similarities and common themes. We loved being able to talk and show off our peeps, and is only one of the many Twitter Interviews we’ll be hosting. It’s not something you want to miss! Our next Interview is scheduled for late June, and you can follow us on Twitter @TheWELL_ca and Instagram @gotothewell to stay up to date. Keep an eye out for #WellSpecialistChat as well. 

Disappointed you missed out on this Twitter chat with these cool cats? Don’t worry. We typed up the whole thing for you all nice and pretty and tied it with a shiny, red bow.

Okay, no bow. But still nice and pretty.