Twitter Interview: Design & Illustration

Oops, we did it again.

On June 29th, we hosted another Twitter Interview – this time, with design and illustration specialists. We discussed necessary skills in the field, the difference between designers and illustrators, and how to determine success in projects, along with much more. You can read the full transcript of the “Interview” here.

We spoke with three specialists, all with a variety of skills, talents and experience.

Christel LeBlanc (@TheForestFriend) is an interdisciplinary designer, who has been working out of her own studio – Forest Friend Creative Projects – since 2011. Starting off with a degree in Early Modern Italian History (and following it up with a Master of Design, of course), Christel meshes fine arts & crafts with new media & technology. She also recently completed a project within The Well, where the clients were the parents of another Well talent – the two completed the project together. What a small world. You can read more about Christel and her work here

Elizabeth MacMichael (@lizmacdraws) is a self-taught digital illustrating queen. Her style is best described as the place where retro sci-fi and alternative pop culture come to party. One of her recent projects involved drawing William Shatner for a feature article. You can read more about Elizabeth and her work here.

Genevieve Kelly (@genevievetkelly) started her career in web design, graphic design, and illustration but has grown her talents to include things such as UI Design, UX Design and Art Direction. Her goals revolve around creative problem solving, and using visual design as a solution. You can read more about Genevieve and her work here

Geordan Moore (@whostolemybike) is the owner/operator/illustrator of The Quarrelsome Yeti Screenprint & Apparel (he’s the creator of the popular “Halifax is Okay!” and “Dartmouth is Pretty Nice!” products). His background is fine art with roots in printmaking techniques, with a style that certainly stands out in a crowd. You can read more about Geordan and his work here

Wishing you hadn’t missed out on chatting and hearing from these cool cats? Or want to see it all again? You’re in luck – we’ve typed up the whole thing just for you.