The Canteen Exceeds Fundraising Goal by Over $35,000

Last month, The Well supported a major announcement for Dartmouth’s famous local eatery, The Canteen. As a bustling neighbourhood hotspot in downtown Dartmouth, The Canteen has grown significantly since its launch two and a half years ago, quickly establishing a reputation as the go-to spot for chef-inspired sandwiches, salads and take-home meals.

Looking for support to announce a relocation and re-launch, enabling The Canteen to continue its growth, owner and head chef Renée Lavallée, along with her partner, Doug Townsend, came to The Well. Despite having years of marketing experience under his belt and having much of the relocation campaign covered, Townsend was faced with limited time and resources and required additional support in areas outside of his circle of expertise. This is where we came in.

“Time is a premium, and with the Well, I knew I could find experienced professionals that were already vetted,” Townsend explains. “The cost was also very reasonable, without hidden fees and overheads…I knew exactly what I was paying for.”

With The Well’s support, The Canteen announced it’s upcoming relocation and launched its associated crowd funding campaign on October 13, with huge success. Hitting all the marks in terms of media coverage, The Canteen’s crowd funding target of $30,000 was reached within just four days. In the end, the campaign netted out at $65,664 – more than double its initial target.

“Now I know that I can go to The Well, find the right person for the job, and turn a project around within a few days,” says Townsend, who also notes that working with The Well was an accessible and efficient option for a small business like The Canteen.

We look forward to visiting The Canteen’s new location in Downtown Dartmouth this coming winter.