The Well Leads Charge in Response to Evolving Specialist Economy

As an evolution within the gig economy, The Well has completed a strategic acquisition, once again jumping ahead of the curve as an alternative source for specialized talent in Canada. The gist? The Well is now able to cater to the dynamic needs of internal marketing communications teams and small businesses in both freelance and full-time capacities.

As an outcome of a strategic acquisition with Toronto-based recruiting firm Swan Staffing, The Well now represents a coast-to-coast network of curated, specialized marketing communications talents that companies can call upon to fulfill their business needs, whether those command temporary, project-based or permanent support. Founded by Glenn Swan, who will now take on the role of Chief Operating Officer with The Well, Swan Staffing brings 10 years of full-time recruitment expertise to the table, with particular focus on marketing and communications specialists across both Canada and the US.

 Why the merger? It’s no secret that agency fatigue is on the rise and that the AOR model is on its way out, but the fact is, the freelance model represents only one alternative solution to the big machine. In fact, recent data demonstrates that companies are now demanding to work with proven specialists either on a one-on-one basis or by increasing in-house talent, with internal teams owning a growing share of market labour from 26% in 2008 compared to 58% in 2013. With an estimated 42% of major brands in Canada and the U.S. dropping the AOR system between 2008 and 2014 alone, the next step in the evolution of The Well is to create additional offerings dictated by the needs of the evolving internal marketing team – thus answering the call for full-time specialists.

 The Well will continue to match clients with consultants on a freelance basis, while tapping into Swan’s network for permanent talent solutions. Freelance and full-time specialist pools will remain separate under the umbrella of The Well in order to ensure the proper fit for both clients and talents.

 Looking back, The Well has seen immense success since its inception in April 2015, expanding from Halifax across Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. We look forward to continuing to grow and better service clients across Canada by providing direct access to specialized talents, now in various capacities. Please join me in welcoming Glenn Swan to The Well family on this next leg of our journey. It’s going to be an exciting ride ahead, folks!

 With gratitude,

Sammy Davis