Introducing Allison Tweedie!

The Well has just brought in a new member to the team, although she’s a little different from our usual recruiting finds. Allison Tweedie is our new Senior Talent Manager, and will be working with our existing specialists and bringing in new talent as a full-time employee of The Well (aka you can’t have her.)

Allison is Canadian born and raised, save for a brief stint in the UK as a high school student. She received her Public Relations degree from Mount Saint Vincent University, where she jokes that the program did wonders for skills and professionalism, but not so much for her love life (“The Mount” is notorious for having a very low number of male enrolments, especially in their PR program).

Upon graduating, Allison worked in communications for the federal government before deciding that she wanted something a little more fast paced, and made the move to the agency world (for which she says her first thought was “why did I agree to this?!”) She worked with clients such as Bell Aliant and Nova Scotia Tourism, along with a variety of clients in Toronto. Although she loved the work she was doing – and the clients she was doing them with – she thought that there was something out there that just might be a better fit.

Her biggest passion lies in what she calls “career karma”, something that she feels she got a lot of in her early days. During her transition from government to agency, Allison did some soul-searching and research into how to sell herself and her skills, best resume practices, career coaching, etc. She quickly learned the power and value of networking and having people on your team who can guide and teach you. Because she had so many people help her, she wants to help others.

Cue her position at The Well.

Allison’s role as Senior Talent Manager allows her to work closely with our talented consultants on all sides – Project Specialists, Well Placed, and Well Assembled – to find their niche within The Well, as well as working with clients to find the best person for their project. She will also be on the lookout for new talents and specialists to bring into our folds.

This is not the first time Allison has considered jumping on board The Well, but it’s certainly the first time we’ve had a position so perfectly tailor-made for her. We like to think it’s fate.

If you’d like to get to know Allison a little better, shoot her a quick “hello”. She doesn’t bite (much). Or, you can take a listen to the podcast she creates with her boyfriend, called Upon Closer Inspection where they discuss movies from their childhood.