Working with The Well

Having acquired more than 50 clients in the first year of operation, and making the jump to 100 clients in a significantly shorter time frame - we are often asked how we're doing it.  The best way to sum it up is usually captured by those who have the first hand experience of  working withThe Well.  

People like Gord Dickie. President GOALLINE, who had this to say:

"I have always run my business on the idea that hiring is the best way to get the most out of someone.  I was skeptical of outsourcing any aspect of our business.  After much deliberation I decided to take the gamble and went to The Well - specifically working with Vish and Kris. They absolutely unequivocally hit it out out of the park.

Having worked with these curated and senior talents, I've saved time, money and have become a true believer in the new model of The Well.

The curation and vetting process The Well undertakes shone through from the first meeting.  We could tell this was going to be different, that these guys knew their stuff.

I highly recommend that everyone take the plunge and hire these guys. and as often as possible - go to The Well."

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