The Well's First Twitter Interview

On May 23rd, we hosted our first ever Twitter Interview at The Well!  The Interview received a lot of attention on the Twitterverse, gaining us lots of favourites and retweets, as well as a good number of new followers. We asked questions to four leading consultants across Canada, all with a variety of specializations from event management, to brand messaging, to impact measurement. 

Menna Riley (@MennaRiley) from Halifax, NS is a specialist in Event Management. Menna hosts Leading Ladies Networking in Halifax – a business networking event for women in the area held at Lot Six Bar. The next Leading Ladies is June 22nd, and Menna is taking a much-deserved break throughout the summer before bringing the event back into town in September. Read more about Menna and her work.

Trevor Heisler (@TrevorHeisler) is centered in Ontario. He specializes in a wide range of areas, including brand messaging, social media management, crisis communications and copywriting. He recently returned from a top-secret mission in Baltimore, working on a top-secret project. Read more about Trevor and his work.

Nicole Bedeau (@BLPRdigital) also hails from Ontario, and runs in some of the same circles as Trevor although she puts her own mark. With a focus on digital strategy, Nicole works with organizations on social media, branding, and measurement/monitoring. One of her most recent project with The Well involves creating social media content for hair products – keep an eye out for an upcoming feature on this interesting project. Read more about Nicole and her work.

Krisy O’Leary (@AgentGiraffe) is a returning consultant to The Well, and tuned in from Vancouver. Her specializations include impact measurement and transparency, where she helps companies realize “how badass they are.” We recently chatted with Kristy (and left Twitter out of it) about her recent work involving Guatemala and cacao, and will be releasing a feature on it soon. Read more about Kristy and her work.

We were super excited to talk with these people, and had a lot of fun hearing what they had to say. We think they had a little fun themselves.

This is only the first of many awesome opportunities to hear from Well specialists. Our next Interview is scheduled for early June, and will involve a whole new group of interesting and dynamic consultants. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TheWELL_ca and Instagram @gotothewell to stay up to date with news on upcoming Twitter Interviews!

Disappointed you missed out on the Twitter chat with these fine folks? Don’t worry. We typed up the whole interview for you all nice and pretty, with a shiny red bow (okay, no bow. But still nice and pretty).

Read the full transcript here