Twitter Interview: Social Media

We’re back!

On October 31st, we hosted a Twitter interview to tackle the beast that is social media. Talking to three specialists, we asked questions relating to social media strategy, as well as SEO and digital marketing along with much more. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

Maria McGowan (@mariamcgowan) is a community manager that coaches and trains her clients to become social media savvy. Her focus is connecting with potential customers, and helping clients meet their business objectives through various social media platforms. You can read more about Maria and her work here.

Laura Oakley (@halifood) is a published writer and social media specialist, who is an expert at creating content. Her focus is developing long and short form written content that can be used for various outputs, including social media. She also offers social media marketing and training services to help clients become self-sufficient in the social media world. Laura also really likes food. You can read more about Laura and her work here.

Kerra Aucoin (@KASocialMedia) is a social media manager who jumps in headfirst with her clients to take over their social media accounts. Her focus lies using social media as a platform and channel for marketing and advertising. You can read more about Kerra and her work here.

We had a surprise guest show up to answer a few questions - (@LegalTubeCanada) joined in to give a few answers as well. 

Scared you missed your chance to hear from these folks? Don’t worry. We typed up the whole thing for you and tied it with a bow.

Okay, no bow. We hope you enjoy it anyways.

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