When to Use Seasonal Keywords in Social Media Content

Seasons change. Much as we Canadians love our summer frivolities, we seem to also enjoy talking about the next change of seasons. As we looked through some of the data we collected from social media for our market research, we noted an increase in certain keywords on a seasonal basis. So we used text analytics to correlate keywords that reflected seasonal change with the times of the year when we start to see seasonal change. Why? Because this can help your content planning for site optimization and contextual relevance. This data also applies to northern US states.

The Shoulder Months
There are seasonal shoulder months that are ripe for certain keywords. August signals in Canadians that fall is approaching. November triggers winter and April triggers spring. Yes, marketers know the seasonal change and ramp ad campaigns accordingly. But it’s also important for your content strategy in social media channels. The key is when.

When To Leverage Seasonal Keywords
Timing, as they say, is everything. So it is with seasonal keywords. Too early and consumers just aren’t ready for it and you may reduce click opportunities. When we looked at our data, this is the story it told us;

Spring: Start the last week in march and early April. While it’s tempting to start in early March, unlike other shoulder months, March is still winter in most of Canada (except B.C. for the most part) and people are oddly cranky. Spring words see an increase in social media of 12% in late March and 87% in early April.

Summer: Late may into first two weeks of June. This is the height of time when consumers start planning summer activities. The weather has warmed enough and we’re in the mindset for cool drinks and summer foods. Summer words see an increase of 19% in late May and 67% in early June.

Autumn: The end of August, the last week, is when we see the spike in interest of all things autumnal. Words like pumpkin or cinnamon become popular. Don’t start mid-August though, stay on the summer theme. In August we see a 22% increase in the word pumpkin and 43% in early September in social media.

Winter: In Canada and the northern U.S. this is an odd one. Early winter social media trigger words are deeply tied to Christmas. In the U.S. Thanksgiving is a trigger to winter preparations. We see winter/Christmas related words start to increase by 19% in early November and by 77% in early December.

So there it is, some insights to help you plan your content strategy. When we analyse social media, it’s the digital version of “people watching” and we look at behaviours and trends. We hope this helped you a little today.

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