Inbound Marketing: 8 Indicators of Remarkable Content

The key building blocks of an inbound marketing strategy is remarkable content. What is remarkable content? Well, it’s content that gets consumed and shared—and ultimately helps you achieve your marketing goals.


When creating content, try to nail these indicators for remarkable content: 

1. Shareable

Your content doesn’t have to be interesting and valuable to everyone­—but it does need to scratch an itch for your target audience. Ask yourself if this piece of content is something your target audience will want to read and share with others.


2. Unique perspective

Offering a different perspective on a topic (even if it’s controversial) can help your content get noticed. When you challenge traditional viewpoints, you’ll find that people are eager to chime in with their own opinions, which means your content also gets shared.


3. Original data

Supporting your points or arguments with real numbers goes a long way in terms of making your content credible and trustworthy. And if your data comes from your own original research, it’s even better.


4. Presentation

You may have a similar message as your competitors, but if you can present your information in a different way, your content is more likely to stand out and be read. Consider options like infographics, videos, slideshows and cartoons.


5. Relevant

It’s important to create content on topics that your target audiences will care about. What keeps them awake at night? What do they want to learn about to be more successful in their jobs?


6. Timely

Think about topics that are top-of-mind for your target audiences. Keep an eye on industry news and see what’s trending on social media. 


7. Understandable

Have you written about your topic in a way that is easy to understand? Even the best content idea in the world will fail if people don’t understand what you’re talking about. Aim for clear and concise.


8. Quality

Your content needs to be professional. This means you need to spend the time and money to ensure you are producing high quality writing, design, images, infographics and other visual elements.


The more remarkable your content, the more it will help people move through the buyer’s journey. Not to mention, more people will link to your content, and who doesn’t want more inbound links?


How do you determine what qualifies as remarkable content?



Article by Emily Amos