Getting Started with Content Marketing

In my last post on content marketing, I provided a brief overview of what content marketing is, as well as five suggestions for getting started with content marketing.  While that article was written from an investor relations perspective, the cost-effective benefits of content marketing hold true when trying to build a following with other audiences as well, including customers, suppliers, business partners, and other stakeholders.

Content marketing is a rather broad term that underscores a powerful approach to promote a business online.  While sometimes easier said than done, content marketing involves creating compelling content and then sharing that content in a relevant, cost-efficient way to connect with highly-target audiences.

So what are the benefits of using content marketing for your business? 

In a nutshell, content marketing can drive awareness and engagement among targeted audiences, as well as website page rankings, sales and your bottom line.  Benefits include:

§  Brand awareness

§  Engagement

§  Lead generation

§  Sales

§  Customer retention and loyalty

§  Customer evangelism

§  Cross-selling and up-selling

Since businesses of all types can enhance their brand image and overall marketing efforts by producing and sharing quality content, it should come as no surprise that companies are spending increasing levels of time and money on content marketing.

5 Tips for getting started

Again, in my last post I provided a few suggestions for getting started with content marketing.  Here are five more suggestions for incorporating content marketing into your marketing efforts:

  1. Answer questions from customers, investors or other stakeholders in human terms. Where appropriate add photographs, charts, audio and video. Distribute this content across channels.
  2. Transform your email newsletters. Dare we suggest that you make them newsy and interesting. The goal is to get them opened.
  3. Give your old sales sheets, brochures, and other related content a make-over. Provide quality information in an easy-to-consume format.
  4. Use blogger outreach and other means to expand your content distribution.
  5. Use audio, video or a blog to position your team as thought leaders in your space.

While content marketing can be a very cost-effective alternative to advertising and other forms of marketing communications and promotions, it is only effective if it is done well. Don’t be cheap. You’re going to have to spend some money if you want to use content marketing as another way to build brand awareness, connect with prospects, and ultimately grow your business. This may mean reallocating some of your marketing spend or internal resources, or engaging external help as needed (shameless plug).

- Article by Trevor Heisler