Don't Mess With The Stuffing

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching in Canada and people are planning their Christmas dinners. Turkey is always a feature. So, as we were doing some research into Canadian food habits for a client, we of course came across some interesting data (unrelated to our client project, of course) and that has to do with stuffing.

No Bones About It
Our research showed some interesting things about Canadians when it comes to the stuffing they use in their turkeys and make no bones about it, stuffing is a sacred food!

We analysed conversations in social media about Christmas dinners by both men and women across the country. The age demographic was 25-45, 60% female and 40% male. Sample size was n=20,000 (this is Big Data for Big Dinners.)

So what did we find?

  • 31% maintain they use a “family recipe” from a matriarch, passed down by two generations on average.
  • 24% say apples should never be used in a stuffing
  • 11% believe you shouldn’t put cranberries in a stuffing
  • 12% maintain no garlic and go light on the onions
  • 43% said stale white bread cut into chunks is the best
  • 53% said stuffing is the most important part of the turkey and that they never try new stuffing recipes...

So, what do you make of that? If you celebrate Christmas, do you use an old tried and true family recipe? Do you like to shake it up a bit?