Six Months of ‘Going To The Well.’

Halifax, Sept 2– It’s six months in and many organizations are finding value in The Well, a fresh new model for doing business and finding talent. What began this past April with 20 people has now grown to a 50 plus, coast-to-coast, vetted talent pool of individuals at the ready to provide a varied list of skills and services. Businesses, institutions and Well talents have found a way to grow and expand in what has generally been seen as a lackluster economy.

While The Well continues to grow its station in the local market, formal expansion is also underway in select new markets around the country.

“The speed with which business communities everywhere have embraced the new concept is somewhat shocking, but it says to me that we’re onto something,” says Sammy Davis, founder of The Well. “The agility of the model is on display every day as Well talents are called upon in so many different ways.”

The Well is an umbrella concept, encompassing in a variety of “solo-preneurs” and partners in the fields of graphic design, writing, social media, film-making, IT, business consulting, analytics and many other specialities. Well talent has been responsible for everything from leading municipal public consultation groups to assisting in the launch of new businesses.

“I think the freedom to choose how and what an engagement looks like is really appealing to businesses everywhere,” says Laura Oakley, writer and social media advisor at The Well.

Available for long term projects, short term one-offs or anything in between, The Well can provide a proven professional who will be either embedded in an organization or work virtually, providing content, design and more. The new model has also been popular as a stop-gap measure for businesses, providing staffing while they undergo an executive search for a permanent employee.

“Since joining The Well I have written for car dealerships, cell phone companies, large real estate developers, law firms and many others,” explains Debra Wells-Hopey, writer and media consultant. “The concept of The Well fits seamlessly with the needs of the clients and of the consultants. Autonomy and flexibility is matched with market needs. “

“And what’s great about The Well is that if I am not an expert in a certain field, another Well member is,” adds Kelci MacDonald, designer and photographer.

Visiting means seeing new faces and talents added almost daily.

“As a client, I’ve seen first hand how incredibly adaptable and smart The Well model is,” says Deanna Andersen, owner of theHIGHLINE Boutique. “The value of the work and the genuine, direct way of communicating was so refreshing -- and I say this coming from a long career in marketing and sales.”

“Halifax is home to a large number of very talented consultants and creative entrepreneurs,” says Kelly Hennessey, independent communications consultant. “The challenge is -- especially on multi-disciplinary projects -- how can you find these individuals? How can you put them all together for a superior product and cost-effective result? The Well’s unique structure along with its dynamic founder, Sammy Davis, delivers the solution -- for consultants and organizations alike.”

“After a decade working on my own, I’m thrilled to be part of a bigger team and I have been blown away by the calibre of expertise of my colleagues."