One month in.... and a look ahead

It's official! The Well has been in operation for one month. And, at the risk of emulating a new high school romance that celebrates every milestone with equal importance - I thought it would be a nice to mark this one for a couple of reasons.


Firstly, this last month I've been truly amazed at the opened-arm response The Well has received.  Introducing a new model comes with a number of potential pitfalls yet thus far it’s been pretty close to perfect.


Throughout the last month we've heard from hundreds of organizations, businesses and brave new start-ups who have commented on the new model The Well has created and its amazing talent pool that continues to grow each day. Someday I'll remember to get permission to publish direct quotes, but loosely, many of the comments coming back from every level of business resemble things like "Seems like such a smarter way to work", "It's so much easier to just go to The Well and skip the long screening process" and "I think you've hit on something big here”.  


And I know we have.


I relay these anecdotal statements with a ton of humility. I am aware that tooting one's horn is not only a dangerous, but extremely empty practice and the only reason I repeat these is that they really do reinforce our intentions for building The Well. They also give a genuine glimpse into what kind of impact The Well is positioned to have on the markets in which we have begun to enter.


To that end, compliments are one thing, but engagement is where it counts.  I wanted to acknowledge and thank the many businesses who have already begun working with us. You've really helped validate our motivation for creating The Well and proved that we are meeting a need in the market.  You can be assured that this is our single laser focus as The Well matures - to always be built out of the need of the market, and to curate the talents to meet that need.


Visiting means seeing new faces and talents added almost daily. I have to say, one of the most incredible parts of this venture has been meeting some of the most staggeringly smart and incredibly talented folks that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I’m honestly shocked at the amount of next level talent that is at our disposal in this region, just waiting to be engaged.


In the last month I’ve seen first-hand that Nova Scotia’s wealth of talent is available but highly underutilized, not only in the creative and professional consulting worlds but at all levels of business. Many of the people doing amazing things continue to go unnoticed in our community, but are met with droves of fans looking for autographs the moment they enter a foreign airport. Okay that may be a little extreme, but you get my drift. 


My hope is that as The Well matures so too will the recognition of the talent leaders in our midst. And that The Well will ultimately become the answer to "Do you know anyone who...." or "Do you know where...." and that "Go To The Well" becomes the standard response to any business or organization with a goal or a challenge.


Reading back over this post it is indeed a little self-serving. But I can assure you that as we activate this blog/news platform for The Well, there will be many things of value and insights shared by many of the talents involved with The Well.


And no need to worry -  this won't be the first of monthly anniversary celebrations. Although there are some “real world” celebrations planned to introduce more businesses to everything The Well has to offer as well as some fun opportunities to meet the incredible people involved.  So stay tuned.


- Sammy Davis - Founder | Strategist