The Centre of Spelling: Why Keeping it Canadian Matters

We’ve all heard the rumours: American Netflix has better content than its Canadian counterpart. Some of us have even seen it firsthand through means that may not have been on the up-and-up. Not me, but others. The point is there are some things that America does better, except when it comes to spelling. If you’re doing business in Canada and you are a Canadian company, Canadian spelling is a must.

When it comes to your website, your service and your product, the spelling you use in important. It lets your audience know that you care about what you’re selling/offering and that you are part of the Canadian marketplace. Unless you are a multi-national company with headquarters in the United States, you should not be using American spelling.

Oftentimes, copywriters and editors are tasked with updating current websites and campaigns that pay no mind to the correct spelling of words. This is not to say that these misspelled words would be considered incorrect in The States; however, they are misspelled here at home. When you are targeting a Canadian audience, American spelling has no place on your site or in your campaign. If you’re concerned that by spelling theatre or centre the proper Canadian way it will hinder your SEO and search engines won’t pick it up, you don’t have to worry. Google is well aware that Canadians exist and that our spelling is of a different calibre than that of the United States.  You are not strengthening your offence by using American spelling. What you are actually doing is weakening your brand and message – no matter what your brand or message is.

Canadian spelling is something that falls by the wayside when companies are starting out. Compelling copy won’t be so colourful for your clients if you’re forgetting the “ou” rule of Canadian spelling. Don’t devalue your brand, service, message and business acumen by leaving out an “L”.

If you’re unsure how to Canadianerize your website, contact The Well. We have people who, when they’re not busy trying to watch American Netflix, can ensure that your message is on-point and aesthetically pleasing to the Canadian eye.