Terrence Taylor

My name is Terrence Taylor and my goal is to help my clients share their stories through creative online video content. With 5 billion YouTube videos viewed everyday, the question every company must ask themselves is: “How do I stand out of the crowd?” What I value most is creating engaging content that is both diverse and unique. Through effective video storytelling, we are all able to turn a video viewer into a customer for your product or service.

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I like working with small - medium sized businesses that have an idea and need that special “something” to propel them to the next level. This is what I do best!

By sharing your vision, I’m able to take your concept and run with it in a creative way. I love working with clients that are able to be flexible with their vision and appreciate the obvious things you’re not thinking about, just might be what leaves a lasting impression on humans around the world. 

My specialty is videos ranging from 15 - 120 seconds used for social media and online content. 

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Creative Director, Producer, Video Editing, Video Production, Event Videos, Creative Storyteller, Video Editor, Content Creation, Video Ideation, Cinematography

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PEI Department of Education - Early Learning and Culture, Atlantic Fashion Week, Halifax Black Film Festival, Investors Group, Teens Now Talk Magazine, Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development, Art Pays Me, Mesh Media Network, 24 Strong, PEI Fest, Transform Events, The Farmacy, City of Halifax