Susan MacLeod

I’ll be your meeting artist and more.

Throughout my 25-year career as a Communications professional I've held several permanent communications positions before becoming an independent consultant.

I’ve served as director of communications for the provincial department of health, the department of health promotion and protection, and Service Nova Scotia in addition to holding the position of senior strategy advisor with Capital Health’s marketing and communications team. 

These all honed my values: being professional, friendly, responsive, results-oriented and an intelligent team player.

Today I am most recognized as a graphic facilitator.

My creativity and experience in communications and facilitation make me more than the artist who communicates with valuable visuals. Wherever I’m working, I relish contributing to the overall event design and want to help achieve desired outcomes - stepping in to help wherever necessary.

Apart from facilitation I also offer the following workshops: "Liven Up Your Flip Charting with Visuals" and "Introduction to Graphic Recording for Non-Artists".


Susan's Work


Susan's Best Fit

Clients seeking to engage participants in new and participatory ways

Awards and Accomplishments

Principles of Graphic Facilitation, The Grove Consultants, California  |  Graphic Facilitation Training, Brandy Agerbeck, Loosetooth, Chicago  |  Graphic Facilitation Coaching, Michelle Boos-Stone, Long Beach, California  |  Art of Hosting “Basics” and “Beyond the Basics” training, Nova Scotia

Susan's Specializations

Graphic Facilitation, Comic Arts, Art of Hosting Facilitation

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Susan's Client Resume

Capital Health (Primary Health Care, and Patient and Citizen Engagement); Canadian Red Cross; Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncologists, Toronto; and Pyra Management Consulting Services.

“Susan has a terrific skill set that really makes a meeting! Her graphic facilitation enhanced the participation of people at our team-building conference and received high endorsement in evaluations. Her written Communications work and cartoons for our quarterly newsletter are creative, insightful and getting good feedback. She is easy to work with and a quick study. Would not hesitate to consult with her in any area of communications or graphic recording!

— " - Dr. Deborah McLeod, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre, Project Lead and Principal Investigator CAPO - IPODE

“Susan is a skilled communicator who she listens deeply. Susan is able to translate thoughts, emotions, verbal and nonverbal messages into pictures and words that tell a story in a unique way. She has a way of capturing the essence of what is happening in a space. I have observed Susan doing her craft with large, small, homogenous and diverse groups. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

— Mary Ellen Gurnham Chief Nursing Officer/Executive Director Learning

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