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The magic of influencer marketing lies in the space between the heart and the hustle. As Storyhouse Co., we are laser focused on influencer activation and relationship building. We are not an alphabet soup of marketing or social media management: we focus on the strategic questions that need to be asked before the execution, saving you time and money.

Our end-to-end knowledge of the influencer industry allows us to provide clients exclusive insights and expertise in such areas as campaign development, identifying true influence, measures of success and metrics. We approach influencer marketing from a strategic, long-term, objective-based perspective, capitalizing on tried and true methodologies and our knowledge of current trends.  Influencer marketing is about serving not selling, and we help clients to find the balance between the two.


Team Methodology

1) The SHIFT: Brand Assessment– a two hour focused conversation providing the client an overview of the influencer eco-system in their niche; a competitor analysis; and high-level recommendations on how they can engage in the marketplace

  1. 30 minutes – pre-meeting collateral and questionnaire preparation
  2. 60 minutes – video/phone consultation
  3. 30 minutes – assessment document and review


2) The LIFT: Brand Assessment and Focused Activation (4 hours) – ideal offering for brands looking to use influencer marketing to execute on a specific objective. Examples include seasonal campaigns, new product launches, or events.

  1. 30 minutes – pre-meeting collateral and questionnaire preparation
  2. 60 minutes – video/phone consultation
  3. 90 minutes - development of campaign options or prescribed course of action
  4. 30 minutes – option overview call
  5. 30 minutes - option follow up and results review

3) The TRANSFORMATION (monthly): Directed towards senior management, this is a holistic, multi-faceted approach to influencer marketing. We integrate with your marketing team or agency to enact strategies specific to your business objectives over the long term.

  1. Brand objectives assessment
  2. Influencer campaign road map planning
  3. Influencer identification
  4. Influencer pitch evaluation
  5. Opportunity identification – affiliate marketing, ambassador programs, product integration, brand-to-brand collaborations, blog hops, media opportunities
  6. Biweekly 30 minute touch points/calls
  7. Bimonthly road map realignment
  8. Reporting and monitoring

highlighted clients

  • Schlage Canada
  • Kent Building Supplies
  • Sunnyside Mall
  • The FAT Paint Co.
  • Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

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