Stacy Fredericks

I'm a graphic designer with 8 years experience. A large part of which, I spent working at a local print shop. I’ve always had an interest in printed marketing materials, but working at the print shop turned my interest into a passion. Whenever I go to a restaurant I find myself examining the menu; feeling the paper, inspecting the binding, and pouring over the typography and imagery. There’s something truly magical about the emotional connection that can be created through a printed piece. Big or small, I strive to design products that truly reflect your brand and strengthen your sales conversations.

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In terms of projects, print and publication design are where my passion truly lies. I’ve always found something magical about the emotional connection that one feels when holding a beautifully designed printed product in their hand.

As for clients, I love working with people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and a fierce passion for what they do. If you’re a passionate, organized, and communicative entrepreneur, I’d love to work with you.

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Graphic Design, Print Collateral, Annual Report Design, Signage, Multi-page Layout, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Concept Development, Design Consultation, Advertising, Social/Digital Creative, Event Collateral, Direct Mail Design, Brochures, Business Cards, Publication Design.

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Lockview High School, DustEx Research, Oh Mother Care Kits, Allen Print, Footpath Marketing, The Moncton Head Shoppe, Payzants Home Hardware, Metro Roller Hockey League