Sophie Ash

I’m a British freelance health writer with 9 years’ experience, based in Toronto. I lead an interesting and diverse life, working with clients across various health sectors, from pharmaceutical advertising to medical and patient education.  

My BSc Nutrition & Dietetics gives me a unique background in health and medical biosciences, combined with ample real-life experiences to draw from as a multi-business owner and serial networker. I love taking on numerous projects simultaneously to further develop my writing skills, whilst managing my own schedule.

Whether you’re representing a multidisciplinary clinic, a pharmaceutical advertising agency, a digital marketing consultancy firm, a non-profit, a laboratory, or an online education company, I can help you get your project completed on time and to a high standard.

Sophie’s Best Fit

Ideal projects are short-term (1-4 months) and completed in a flexible and collaborative manner. For example, alongside conducting scientific research and copywriting, I enjoy taking on additional responsibilities, such as project management and client liaison.

Ideal clients are in the medical/wellness space, highly communicative, well organized, and may require ongoing copywriter support. I like to form lasting relationships with clients to ensure we can streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

Awards & Accomplishments

Summit Awards, ICE Awards – gold, silver, merit, Service Industry Advertising Awards – Best in show, Judge's Choice, Prix D’Excellence Gold Award from the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education

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Sophie’s Specializations

Blog posts, white papers, content writing, medical education, online courses, patient education, medical device marketing, nutrition education, e-Learning units, website copy, pharmaceutical advertising campaigns, pharmaceutical RFPs, research analysis, infographics, learning materials, video scripts, newsletters

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Sophie’s Client Resume

Klick Health, McCann Health, The Health Sciences Academy, Optimyz Health, Thorasys Thoracic Medical Systems Inc, Communimed, The National Health Service, On Your Plate Inc, Cactus Global Inc.