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My career in Social Media began while I was a studio manager for a Creative Digital Agency in Wellington, New Zealand. There I created their Instagram and filled it with pictures of their office, photos of the team working together and general fun things we as an agency would get up to. A creative at heart I realised how enjoyable creating someones Instagram could be and soon I was also doing the Instagram for a small restaurant. I then went on to be a digital marketer for a hairdresser, creating their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, E-newsletters and keeping their Shopify up to date. I have a BA in Creative Writing from Massey University (Wellington, New Zealand) and have a passion for photography, painting, writing, social media and art.

I have experience in social media, photography, blogging, e-newsletters, brand research and content coordination. My main expertise is managing clients Instagram, and when welcomed I use my proficiency in photography to bring uniqueness and individualism to their page to set their brand apart from the typical process of stock images often found on company instagrams.

perfect match 

I am looking to work with small businesses and anyone eager to build up their social media presence, or who are in need of content, copywriting, photography services or research. I love anything that helps bring out my creativity and I am always up for a new challenge!

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Sable Fine Hair, Field & Green, iNexxus, Bits Creative,General Public

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3 Years Experience 

Social Media, Community Management, Photography, Blogging, E-newsletters, Brand research, Writing and Content creation