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 My parents always tease me about being ‘born' curious. I arrived four weeks early so terribly excited to get out and into the world I had zero patience for the comfort of my Mother’s womb. As a child I was fearless, I would go anywhere, do anything and talk to anyone. Leaving home in my teens to go 'travel the world' this insatiable curiosity led to career as a photographer /photojournalist /videographer continually seeking out unique and original stories to share.

Exposing myself to a myriad of cultures at such a young age gave me access to situations I might not have normally experienced. It made me brave, taught me my strengths, my weaknesses, how to see and how to listen. Humbled by the way people from across our globe allowed me into the intimacy of their lives, it is this humanity I bring to every job I do.

 Though the motivation for the product may differ and whether I'm working in audio video or stills, one on one or collaborating with a team - the end goal is to always create a stimulating narrative that pleases both the client and the viewer.  

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Shannon's Best Fit

Clients and/or Business’s [small medium or large] looking for a documentary style narrative to sell their products and/or tell their story. As a multimedia creator whether it’s still photography, video and/or audio I work both independently or as a strong team leader.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • IPA - International Photography Awards *nominated for photo story of the year

  • American Photo | Popular Photography *Feature profile for my work with NGO Operation Rainbow Canada

  • *2 images selected from 40,000 entries and 164 countries to headline an international travelling exhibition
  • Black and White Spider Awards * Nominated for best in people category
  • PPOC - Professional Photographer of Canada *Nominated for photo of the year

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Photography, Video , Editorial, Documentary, Multi Media, Project Management, Team Management, Creative Director, Client Liaison, Art Direction, Researcher, Camera Operator, Photo Editing, Video Editing

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RBC, BMO, Conde Nast Publications, Titan Homes, American Photo, Post Media, Nelson Mandela Foundation, IWDA, M.I.L.K, Operation Rainbow Canada, Friendship ORG, Thomas Reuters, Company of Women,  Accessible Media Inc, RTDNA, Sparks Photographers, Fresh Squeezed Ideas, Hamiltons Theatrical Supply, Tabule Restaurants, Peel Leadership Centre, Bethall Hospice, Gilead Productions, Arcaders Productions, RINX, Playtime Bowl, Toronto Leadership Centre, World Bank, London School of Dance