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I am a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) and a graduate of UNB (BBA). I have 20+ years experience managing employees, developing strategy and coaching leadership teams. Due to my M&A experience I have built a strong business acumen that enables me to anticipate the impact of new HR initatives on other areas of the organization.

I specialize in building a customized HR strategy that will help employers attract and retain the best talent.  I create innovative but practical solutions, assist in the implementation, and provide the tools and training for the client to easily manage it after I leave.


Sarah's Best Fit

Small businesses and start ups looking to build their HR strategy from the ground up and compete for talent in the market.      

Clients looking for solutions to specific issues such as performance management, employee engagement, management effectiveness, etc.

HR Assessment - an assessment of a client's current HR strategy, policies and programs.                                        

Achieve Global - I am a certified Achieve Global trainer in Leadership and Customer Service Excellence. I can facilitate any of their training programs.

Predictive Index - I am a certified Predictive Index Anayst which is a behavioural assessment used in identifying a person's fit to a role, team and/or organization. It provides detail on their learning ability, their aptitude for sales, management style, and how they should be management.  

Sarah's Awards & Accomplishments

Parkland - identified a $850K annual cost during the due dilgence process of a acquisition. Created a solution to help mitigate the impact.            

Parkland - Lead the planning of a region wide restructure. While we experienced 30+ lay offs, we were able to avoid another 15 through job sharing programs, voluntary reduced work hours and retraining.              

Bluewave Energy - developed a flex time policy that reduced operational costs, increased productivity, and engaged employees.        

Bluewave Energy - developed and executed a national rewards program that rewarded employees for process improvement initiatives, outstanding customer service and volunteering in the community.            

Bluewave Energy - Designed and implemented management training program that trained approximately 75 managers across the country. 

“I have had the privilege of working with Sarah on many acquisitions and HR initiatives. Sarah is the consummate professional and takes time to properly prepare and communicate through every step of the project. Sarah has compassion for the folks she works with and ensures that she leads people through change with the right mix of professional knowledge and empathy.

— Jane Sears, Former Regional Operations Manager - Ontario at Parkland Fuel Corporation

“Sarah brings to any organization a wealth of experience, knowledge and compassion. From my perspective, all are key to successful human resource management. While working together, Sarah implemented innovative and effective employee policies and initiatives. Such employee support resulted in a positive team building environment that allowed our company to continue to grow and establish a reputation as one of the sought after companies to work for in the industry

— Kimberly Trimm, Regional Operations Manager - Maritimes at Parkland Fuel Corporation

“I worked closely with Sarah Mullins for 9 years - initially at a 100 employee company and later at a national, publicly traded company with 1200 employees. Sarah is a solid, seasoned HR professional with a firm understanding of employment law, HR policies and strategies and perspective on best HR practices in large and small companies. Sarah is very customer focused and works closely with internal customers to develop workable policies, practices and implementation. Sarah is very well respected and relied on by employees and managers for her knowledge and practical counsel.

— Lorraine Williston - Former Partner and VP of Marketing & Human Resources - Bluewave Energy

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Sarah's Specializations

Human resource strategy, HR policy/program development, employee value proposition, employee engagement, performance management, workforce planning, defining and/or realigning culture, training development & facilitation, M&A consultation (due diligence, communication planning, onboarding, employee integration, etc)  

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Parkland Fuels, Bluewave Energy, Eastlink,  RMH,  Hydraulics Plus