Sammy Davis

I have a pretty eclectic background, and have been described by colleagues "as a sponge", "an old soul" and "a natural leader". 

My career in marketing, communications and advertising is extensive during which I have held a number of different positions on each rung of the "ladder".  

Throughout my career I've experienced as many successes as I have failures - and I deeply value both. 

I focus primarily on strengthening consumer connections and as a result find myself often called upon to develop brand strategies, wide ranging marketing plans and business development strategies.  

Whatever the case, you can be sure I will always go deep into the grey and pitch black area's to discover the roots of issues, and foundations on which we can build additional opportunities together.  

All in all, I want to get past the obvious, past the repackaging of common sense and help my clients build and deliver informed, credible solutions.



My best fit is any sized company looking to reset or re-affirm their strategic priorities. Businesses and organizations looking to understand and strengthen their connections with their customers.  I tend to focus on what role the customer has to play in your business and as a result tend to take on larger planning projects that are rooted in, or require a strong research program.

I consider myself more of a generalist, as I find myself helping clients through the grey areas. I don't really view marketing and business strategy as separate things and am great match for any business having trouble diagnosing pain points.


Sammy's Specializations

Consumer Connections, Marketing Plans, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Creative Strategy, Brand Development, Business Development

Sammy's Location & Contact



Dalhousie Ancillary Services, Efficiency Nova Scotia, NSCAD University, MJM Energy, Atlantic Film Festival, Canadian Red Cross, Topsail Productions, MSVU, The Clothesline, Communications Nova Scotia, Efficiency New Brunswick, Ben's Bread