Rethink Research: Retail Report

A Big Data Open Source Analysis of the Digital Consumer Conversation on Retail

April 2017 | A Well Researched Report


The retail sector is undergoing a huge shift, the largest in decades. Theories abound as to why, but include digital disruption, economic shifts, and globalization. We’ve conducted research for retailers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., over the past several years, and have decided to look at that aggregate data (including new social media data) to see if we might find some answers. This report isn’t the answer to retail’s woes, but it may provide some key information to address some of the major issues.

A Well Researched report will provide ideas and data analysis, with the ultimate goal of triggering solutions and innovations for your business. A compelling study with powerful insights, our expectation is that it will likely become dog-eared from being passed around and discussed. If you decide to keep it digital, certainly share it with your colleagues, but if you cite any of our research in blog posts or social media, we’d appreciate the attribution.


About Giles Crouch - Primary Researcher and Digital Anthropologist

I use Big Data analytics tools to gain insights from social media and other digital channels. This is the evolution of research, adding a new layer that phone surveys and focus groups just can't provide. I lead the Well Researched business unit as Managing Partner.