Raeesa Lalani

I am a one stop shop for all things social media, writing and tickling the computer ivories at 100 words per minute! 

I am enthralled with the use of Social Media as a platform to showcase, market, or tell a story. This is why I enjoy carefully curating and creating each post or story as an art masterpiece waiting for the world to see. As a trained journalist I create all my content with care, fact checking, and copy writing.

On my more competitive side, I am a fan of all things sports and enjoy writing articles, recaps – any excuse to watch the game – I am in!

Communication is key. I uphold this saying as a value. I am here to communicate with you to fulfill your needs via marketing, strategies, social media, event planning or if you just want me to write you something with the utmost eloquence – I am your person. 


Raeesa’s Best Fit

I have a lot of experience with local businesses who are looking to make a name for themselves in the community and promote their story and/or product.

I work best with leaders and small groups within a company who want to see their vision accomplished in a professional, creative, and timely manner. This includes working and training people in a leadership role to fulfill objectives.

Clients in need of content design (video and photography included), writing, editing, copywriting, and storytelling.


Raeesa’s Client Feedback

“Raeesa brings unwavering positivity to each project. She is genuinely

passionate about our work and the work she does to promote it. She is completely engaged because she believes in the projects she commits herself to. She has gained the respect and admiration of the entire ensemble.” – Ben Stone, Artistic Director of Zuppa Theatre

“She is genuinely passionate about our work, upholds the values and mandate that we represent and is constantly challenging herself in her daily work.” – Shahin Sayadi, Artistic Director of Prismatic Arts Festival

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Raeesa’s Specializations

Social media content, content analytics, social media strategies, branding, Strategies, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, content creation, copywriting, blogging, web content writing, proofreading, content calendars 

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Raessa’s Client Resume

R•Studios (Rio | Rogue | Rebel), Volleyball Source, Volleyball Canada, Prismatic Arts Festival, Onelight Theatre, Zuppa Theatre