Questions and Answers

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+ What your Well team does for you:

•Pitches you for projects

•Actively seeks projects for you

•Provides support and advice on proposals

•(For Nova Scotia only) We are on the CNS standing offer list

+ When will I start getting gigs?

Hard to predict. We get multiple inbound requests weekly and can never predict what categories will be requested. Don’t feel like we are ignoring you, a project needing your skills just hasn’t come in.

TIP: When the Talent Manager reaches out to you, it’s to ask if you are open to have your profile pitched and are willing to have a chat with a potential client. It’s not a project until a client agrees to a quote.

+ How often should I check my Well email?

Everyday. If our Talent Manager sends you an email about a project, they need a response within a couple of hours. It is first come first served.

+ I got an email from the Talent Manager about a potential project but there isn’t too much information. Why can’t you provide all the scope details?

When a client comes in, often they aren’t sure their own budget or scope themselves. They are looking for an expert to walk them through the process. If the Talent Manager forwards you a potential job, they want to confirm to find out if you are interested to chat with the client.

+ How can I be the best Well member I can be?

  1. SPEED: When a project comes in, reply to the talent manager ASAP. Even if you can’t do it, it’s helpful for us to know.
  2. CLOSE THE SALE: If the client goes silent it most likely means they are busy. They came to The Well because they need help. Instead of saying, “Tell me what time and where you would like to meet.” Say, “I’m free Wednesday afternoon, can I call you at 2pm?” Help them as much as possible.
  3. NEW WORK: Let us know any projects you have worked on. You may have a new skill a client was looking for.

TIP: If you haven’t heard from a client, be assertive in following up. A client will forgive you more for being annoying than not following up with them.

+ What if the client wants an additional item that’s outside of your skill set?

Tell your Talent Manager. There is another Talent that fits the bill. Your Talent Manager will take care of that.

+ I know I was set to work on a project but something came up and my schedule is booked. Should I tell the client right away?

No. Tell your Talent Manager first. We will want to make sure we have a resource ready for the client before we inform them you are not available.

+ It’s been over two months and nothing. What gives?

Our goal is to match Talent with projects corresponding to their skillset. A project that matches your strengths just hasn’t come in. Be patient. We’re trying our best.

+ Is my rate too high or too low?

Reach out to your Talent Manager and they can compare your price to other consultants to offer advice. (We will be confidential about it.)

+ How do I make sure my profile shows up in searches?

We have a tagging system to ensure that everyone’s skillset is easily searchable. Ask for our tag list.

+ I want to update my profile, what should I do?

Reach out to our Talent Manager and provide the details. Make it easy as possible. Instead of saying, “Can you change the word in the second paragraph on the third line to…”; just send the entire paragraph.

TIP: Have you done some awesome new work (Well work or non-Well work)? Send it over so we can keep your profile fresh.

+ How come the client ghosted me?

Again, the clients are busy and need you to be as helpful as possible. I sent a quote and nothing. Follow-up with an email and CC Allison. Sometimes clients get sticker shy when they see an estimate. They might be embarrassed to say that they don’t have the money. Follow-up and mention that you can always work within a budget. Just have to let them know. We are also here to help you.

+ Wow! This client is a nightmare, should I just suck it up?

Again, we here are to support. If you exhausted all options, come up with some ideas of what you would like to do. Let’s create a solution together. We want to help you, but we can only do so if we know all the details.

+ I want to close a sale. What do I do?

Contact your Talent Manager we’ll help you close the deal.

+ How do I make sure my profile shows up in searches?

We have a tagging system to ensure that everyone’s skillset is easily searchable. Ask for our tag list.

+ I want to leave The Well, things have changed and I need to find a full-time job.

Let us help you. We have our “Well Placed” list that’s for talents who are seeking full time employment. If you have secured full-time employment on your own, let us know so we can remove you from the site.

Questions about quotes and Fees

+ Got my first gig, how do I quote?

Way to go! First, reach out to both your Talent Manager and the Accounts team.

We will send further instructions about setting you up in our estimating system. Any formal quote must come through our Well system.

+ What are the Well fees?

For every hour that you work, The Well receives $18hr/hour. If your project is one total cost, The Well receives 18% of the final cost. Note, all Well talents can decide what they want to charge a project.

REMINDER: Estimates to clients should always have the Well fees added on. If you give us a quote, we are going to assume you have added the fees already.

+ The client is changing their scope, what do I do?

Look at your years of experience. Let us be your sounding board. You got this!

+ I sent you my invoice and it states 30 days … it’s been 30 days.

Our payment terms are “upon receipt” within 7 days. We only pay our talent once our clients pay us. Our Account team will check with the client. In rare cases if something goes past 60 days, we will come to you to build a case. Each client may have different payment terms. Check with them first as you go through the quoting process.

+ I’m ready to send my invoice. What do I do?

Send a message to and let them know.

+ I’d like to change my payment schedule.

Send a message to