Pierre ChamberLain

My programming experience covers a few different sectors. Primarily in the Video-Game industry, e-Learning software, cartoon/animation studios, User Interfaces (UI) for TV & Social Media web apps, online News Paper, and Digital Creatives (online advertising).

I love solving technical problems. A few studios & companies can attest to this with the custom tools that I built for them to improve their workflow and overall productivity, and still use to this day.

For instance, at Karma Gaming I built a Flash-2-JSON tool to give them the ability to export their Flash sprites / animations and use them in Starling and CreateJS (Stage3D & HTML5 canvas). At Fatkat, I wrote some automation macro-scripts to render out large quantities of Flash animations to various Video formats and split into separate layers.

These days, I continue to use some of my own «productivity-boosting tools» to assemble  several HTML5 ads for various Creative Ad agencies. These custom-made solutions are very helpful for projects containing multiple similarities in animations, dimensions, effects, final outputs, etc.

Oh - I also love music production (Composing Jingles, Chiptunes, Video Game / Arcade, remixing songs and mastering final release) in case you’re interested!

Pierre's best fit

For small projects:
I love multitasking these ones, having enough assets to stay busy in between client feedback & approval, maintaining a steady pace of work, demo’ing, packaging, invoicing… next! Creative Ads are ideal in this scenario, given their short deadline nature.
For long projects:
Ranging from web sites, online & offline web-apps, Database (SQL / MongoDB) or server-side development, REST APIs integration & creation, all the way to game development (Unity, HTML5 canvas, Mobile, Adobe Air), network programming, shaders, plugins… etc.

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Pierre's Specializations

Server-side (with NodeJS): Express, Mongoose, Socket.IO, PM2, PhantomJS, Webpack, Mocha / Chai, Morgan, NodeMailer, Google API, Slack Bots.

Web Development: VueJS, HTML5, JS, CSS/LESS/SASS, lodash, underscore, jQuery, GSAP, CreateJS, HowlerJS.
- Creative Ads (with click-tracking): DoubleClick Studio, eyeReturn.
- Server-side (with PHP): Wordpress Blogs / Themes / Plugins / Widgets, AJAX & JSON responses, Form handling, File I/O, ZIP.

Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, Redis.

Unity: C#, API client-side development, Editor scripts, Audio integration, Flash-2-Unity animation engine.

Flash & Adobe AIR: AS3, Haxe, Starling, Shader development (AGAL assembly & higher-level)

Audio Production: Composition / Remix / Mastering, Commercial Jingles, Chiptunes, Synth & Sound Design. (DAW of choices: FL Studio & Ableton Live)

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Pierre's client resume

Salesforce.com, Radian6, Frima Studio, Télé-Québec, Eggroll Digital Studios, Arrivals + Departures, Extreme Group, NATIONAL Public Relations, Karma Gaming, Mariner Partners, Innovatia, Brovada