Paul Mansfield

I provide executive coaching, business coaching and leadership development to a range of corporate and individual clients. I work alongside key stakeholders, both individually and in teams to drive business strategy and personal development, using various tools and systems to help individuals to find the answers for themselves.

 This result in a clear vision for both the business and the individual to achieve goals and maximize performance.


Paul’s Best Fit

The best ideas and solutions come from within ourselves. I do not tell you how to run your business, your career or your life. Instead, I leverage your expertise in business, leadership development and coaching to listen, challenge and question with a positive belief in everyone's ability to identify their own solutions.

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Paul’s Specializations

Business Coaching - Helping businesses develop a clear vision and strategy for the future in order to align core values, achieve goals, build strong teams, face challenges and meet ambitious business objectives.

Executive Coaching - Through listening and questioning, a coach challenges individuals to develop their self-awareness, to find space for personal reflection, identify and confront limiting beliefs and build the confidence to achieve their full potential.

Leadership Development - Working with clients on personal growth to develop the skills and underlying behaviours needed to be adaptable, flexible and inspirational leaders, resulting in long-term success both personally and for the business.

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Rogers, Amex, Apple, Manulife, NBA, Virgin, Outshine, Unison, Squiggle Park, ECWC, Wadden, MeadowBrooke, OLS, Shotloc, Partners, Dalhousie University.