Paul Dike

As a young boy, I saw a commercial for milk, and it really spoke to me. In it, I could see myself as that under-sized scrawny kid. But that kid, in a matter of seconds, grew up big and strong and got all kinds of attention from girls (admittedly this part wasn’t that high a priority for a 8-year old,  though it did seem like a good long-term plan). I wanted to be that kid, and the commercial seemed to say drinking milk was the key.

But no matter how much milk I drank, (and believe me I drank a lot of it) I just wasn’t growing up big and strong like in the commercial. Amidst my frustration, the power of advertising had been revealed to me and the seed for a future career had been planted.

As time went on, a passion for creativity and drawing led me to take advertising and graphic design in college. And now after over a decade in the industry I’m still drawn to the creative process.




Even after over a decade in the industry I consider myself a bit of a work in progress as I strive to continue to grow and expand my knowledge and skills. After all, in an industry that is constantly evolving it can be an invaluable mindset. This growth is fostered by working with talented, passionate people. And through this collaboration the team can bring out the best in each other and produce the best work possible.

Paul's Specializations

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising, Concept Development, Brand Development

Paul's Location & Contact



Tim Hortons, Mazda, HSBC, Univeristy of Toronto, RBC, Wal-Mart, Tim Hortons Children's Foundation, Teletoon, Superior Propane, Attila Glatz Concert Productions, Johnson & Johnson, McCormick, Clubhouse