nicole steeves

My background in film and television has taught me to be creative, disciplined and professional. From helping to run productions from behind the scenes, to having creative control for what appears on screen, I love storytelling in all of its aspects.

With a fresh and an often humorous approach to video production, I know the importance of creating something that will be shared and enjoyed and how to translate that to a client based medium.

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I thrive on collaborating with other creative people to give a project its own, very unique voice.  

I’m looking to work with medium sized businesses, tech start-ups, basically any client that is interested in innovative ways to set themselves apart from the rest.

Nicole's Specializations

Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Television Campaigns, TV Spots, Creative Concept Development, Storyteller, Content Creation, Creative Writer, Script Writing TV/Radio, Web Content Writing, Creative Project Manager, Digital Project Manager, Producer, Director, Casting, Production Coordination, Visual Storyteller, Pre Production, Post Production, Production Management

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CBC’s The Nature of Things, Destination America’s Terror in the Woods, Pop TV’s Let’s Get Physical, History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island.

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