Natalie Antaya

As a copywriter with over 15 years in the industry, I’ve run the gamut – from fully integrated traditional ad campaigns to everything digital, and most recently, content articles and blogs.

I have a ton of experience in financial, retail, food service, telecommunications and utility. I have some experience in education, entertainment, beauty and fashion. And I have a bit of experience in tech, medical and real estate – but what I don’t know, I pick up quickly. I’m a fast learner, a fast deliverer and a fast talker (half-Italian).  

My specialty is turning the complicated into the compelling. My bread & butter is digital. And my absolute favourite is coming up with names for things.  

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Natalie's Best Fit

-       Clients in financial, retail, food service, telecommunications, education, entertainment, beauty, fashion, utility, tech, real estate or medical industries

-       Clients looking for everything from traditional ad campaigns (print, radio, TV, outdoor, direct mail, brochures) to digital (websites, social, SEO, CRM, online ads) to creative content (articles & blogs).

Natalie's Specializations

Copywriter, Advertising Copywriting, Digital Copywriter, Web Content Writing, Web Copy, Digital Copywriting, Concept Development, Content Creation, Creative Writer, Script Writing (TV/Radio), Blogging, Social Posting Writing

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Mastercard, RBC, Capital One, Rogers, HBO Canada, Corus Entertainment, Petro Canada, BIORE, Victoria Emerson Jewelry, The Beer Store, Real Canadian Superstore, KitchenAid, Second Cup, Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee, Kelsey’s Restaurant, Montana’s Restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, Lone Star Texas Grill, Maple Lodge Farms, Music Canada

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