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I started my journey with computer technology in the early 80’s, with a TI-994A. I wanted to create my own games, and have been tinkering with tools to allow me to do so ever since. I went to Sheridan College in my mid-20’s to become a classical animator, and in a roundabout fashion, found my way back to digital media through Macromedia Director, then Flash, Java, and eventually Unity/C#, where my interest has been since.

I love collaborating on software projects with creative people, whether they are clients, coworkers, or students. In late 2016 I took a leap of faith and left a 12-year position with an awesome local software company so that I could work on some passion projects I’d had on the shelf for too long. I’ve managed to scratch that itch somewhat (though it never goes away), and am now hoping to resume working with a variety of new clients, and continuing to develop my technical skills and expertise, on projects that will hopefully make the world a better place, in big and small ways.


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I’m a creative person with a nice mix of art and technology skills. I’d love to work on a creative team of great people, for a company who chooses projects that are intended to help fix real-world problems, advance the causes of science and education, and bring health and happiness to the world. I need some amount of learning in my life, as well as teaching. I hope to have a long career doing all of these things.

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I’ve had wonderful opportunities in the last couple of years to work in conjunction with organizations like Digital Nova Scotia, the Halifax Discovery Center, Halifax Library, Coder Dojo, Creative Kids, and others, to bring coding and game development workshops to kids. I’ve had some great feedback, and am encouraged to continue learning how to teach. This Summer, I’ll be working with Trade School Halifax to put together what we hope to be a series of workshops to help parents, teachers, and mentors learn the basics of coding, and how to give coding workshops to their young people.

I’ve also recently written seven chapters of my first attempt at a novel (YA fantasy), which is pretty exciting!



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Unity3D development, C#, Software architecture and development, Game design, Coding workshop facilitation and design, Client communication, Project estimation & requirements gathering, Technical documentation, Creative writing, Character design, Sketching.

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REDspace, IBM, Viacom, Dalhousie Brain Repair Centre, Digital Nova Scotia