Michael Egan

I design and code surprisingly simple websites that handle complex problems. I'm a firm believer in user-centred design and put people and business objectives ahead of artistic pomp and plumage.

I love a challenge, and I've been known to start a healthy argument if I think the result will help ship a better product. 

In other words, I care. A lot.

Michael's Work


Michael's Best Fit

Startups building MVPs and tour websites
Marketers with established websites who want to learn more about visitor interactions & behaviours
Internal teams who need a strong developer presence to plan & realize design & art concepts


 2012 ICE Award Website/Microsite: Titantic 100 (merit), 2015 ICE Award Integrated Campaign: Aqua Vista (merit), 2015 ICE Award Other/Self Promotion: Famous Folks (gold)

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Michael's Specializations

UI Design & Development, WordPress Development, Web Style Guide Planning & Curation, Analytics Integrations

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Michael's Client Resume

Analyze Re, King’s Wharf, Wochit, Famous Folks, Scotian Wind (in collaboration with Famous Folks)