Matt Morgan

It all really started with a hunger - to help connect people and ultimately make things I was involved with better. Initially lending my hand to help build local community groups as best I could through design, this work soon lead to a wide array of professionals reaching out as the digital world quickly began to grow up.

Fast forward 10+ years to a much more complex digital landscape, and this passion has evolved to working with large organizations, developing digital strategies and products that I previously could not have wrapped my head around. While playing a role and really enjoying leading design teams to carry out these projects, I’ve gained insight into the creative process and the importance of team to get to places we couldn’t go ourselves.

And it still comes down to hunger - inspired by those I’ve had the privilege of being connected with - to connect people with ideas and people with people, and help them go where they couldn’t go themselves.

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Small businesses looking to grow

Awards and Accomplishments

•Speaker, Create Conference (2013) •Speaker, Create Conference (2012) •Keynote Panel, Create Conference (2011), BC Schools

Social Campaign - Character Designs Served Behance Served Sites by Adobe, 

Cookspiration App - featured in the Apple App Store as one of the best new apps! (March 2014)

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Creative/art direction, branding, creative consulting, clothing/fashion design, web & app/iOS UI/UX

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Dietitians of Canada, EatRight Ontario, British Columbia Ministry of Health, British Columbia Ministry of Education, University of Toronto, C4 Church Ajax, Cloth & Water, RingPartner, SFC International,, Zion Snowboards