Matthew Rawle

I’ve freelanced or worked for close to a dozen different companies, agencies, and consultancies across Canada and the United States, taking part in campaigns for everything from health and charitable issues to travel and tourism. There are few things I enjoy more than diving into a topic and making it accessible to everyone.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, which brings with it the persistence to never give up, and the drive to try and solve any problem from multiple angles. I love coming up with ideas, but figuring out the best way to execute them is always more exciting.

If, in any other venue, I were asked to talk about myself, I would say that I’m just some guy who likes beer, video games, and ska. The only thing that is better at speaking on my behalf is my work.


Matthew's Perfect match

I’m looking to join a team where writing or marketing expertise can have a valuable impact on both a company and its customers. I really enjoy working with smaller companies, consultancies, and startups, due to their collaborative and all-hands-on-deck nature.

Matthew's highlighted clients

The Family Knife Marketing Consultancy, Chickadee Communications, Telelink, Simplycast


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Matthew's Specializations

Copy writing, digital copy writing, social media strategy, content strategy, website content

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