about me

I’m your communications pro bringing messages, projects and events to life since 2012. My work and background are as diverse as an 80’s track suit that somehow manages to include 70% of the rainbow’s colors (hey, I personally think they’re making a comeback!).

From internal communications planning, to building and managing strategic relationships, to delivering community-based projects and programs, to creating and delivering presentations, to speech writing, web writing and social media monitoring/management – I’ve done it all for both small and large, public and private organizations.

More recently, my type A personality combined with my strong sense of business and entrepreneurship (and maybe my inability to turn down a new adventure) has led me down some unique roads. One of those roads being the “Road to Nowhere” in Iqaluit, Nunavut where I experienced the agency life in both an account manager and assistant manager role.  

I know I’m putting myself at risk of sounding like the corniest person ever, but what I’ve discovered about myself is that my passion is helping other people to share their passion. I’d love to help you with yours!


Perfect match

Whether it’s a new entrepreneurial pursuit or an already existing and vetted venture, if you’re passionate about your project, product, service, message (or whatever the heck it is you want everyone to know about!) then you’re someone I can jibe with. My favorite people to work with are those who believe in and are excited about what they’re doing. If you’re open to new ideas and ways of working, if you can make quick decisions, and if you want to see the job get done, then you’re the perfect fit for me. And hey, if we’re able to have a bit of fun and a few laughs too, all the better!

highlighted clients

Efficiency Nova Scotia, Outcrop Communications, Automotive Sector Council

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7 Years Experience

Writing, communications planning, project management, even management, building relationships, strategic planning, project management