Lucas MacKenzie

A young start creating my favourite cartoon characters in Windows 3.2 MS Paint had me pointed in the right direction.

Since my humble beginnings, I’ve become a graduate from NSCC’s ACAP and Graphic Design programs.

Working with a wide variety of clients spanning across Canada, I have dedicated myself to creating strong emotional interactions between you and your client no matter where you’re from.

Lucas'S WORK



Anyone from startup companies looking for a brand to long-standing companies looking for production.

I love bringing things to life, the simplest things of making a dog blink brings a huge smile to my face. I'll go the extra mile to make your project more life-like.

Lucas's Specializations

Print production, Web production, Logo design, Video editing, Animated videos, Web Design, Print Design

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Molson Coors, Kent Homes, Cresco, Kohoot Media, Sugarush, GCC Studios, Seaside Community Baptist Church, Signature Resorts, Irving Oil, Western Financial, Saint Mary's University