Lorna Rowan-Legg

I am a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional with over 18 years’ experience. I have a unique combination of skills including Marketing Communications, Human Resources Management and Project Management working in both enterprise and small business. I have a talent for keeping people and projects on track to get extraordinary results.

I have over 10 years' experience leading and assisting on projects from the IT sector to the event sector. This includes writing, editing, digital strategy, CMS, user experience, marketing and communications strategies, event and brand management, and business development. My specialty is taking your marketing strategy from idea to event completion. 

I also have 20 years’ experience managing people, which is useful in my role as a Manager. I make sure projects and people stay on task and get it done. I have managed and optimized resourcing processes and tools to improve overall operational efficiency. I create a better experience for the Team by balancing workloads and managing tasks. 

I have a special interest in working with female entrepreneurs to help them communicate their personal and professional brand to the world. I strongly believe in female entrepreneurship. I help develop everything from communication to business development plans and am considered a trusted adviser. 

In addition to my professional responsibilities I volunteer for the Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis giving back to my community.

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I work hard to understand my client’s needs then do all I can to achieve them. I work well with small to medium size business’ who desire that extra outcome in their projects or events.

Lorna is a pleasure to work with. She is a go-getter and wants to help in any way she can in every situation. I worked very closely with Lorna on one of the most exciting projects I have had the pleasure to work on, New Brunswick’s Kitchen Party in Toronto, where she project managed the entire event from stem to stern. It was a high stress situation, but she was calm, cool, collected, and had it all in hand. It was a massive success and the resulting video was viewed close to a million times on social media. Given the opportunity, I would work with her in a heartbeat.
— Oliver Nemeskeri, Agency Director, T4G Kick
Lorna has brought a new level of expertise to the role of website content manager for Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon and has become a very valuable member of our overall Marketing Communications team.
— Chris Larsen, Sponsorship Director, Blue Nose Marathon

Lorna's Specializations

Marketing Communications Project Management, Digital Marketing Project Management, Event Marketing, Event Management, Experiential Events, Fundraising Events, Corporate and Private events, Resource Management, Campaign Management, Social Media Strategy and Management, Community Management, Client Liaison, Writing, editing, Public Relations and Communications

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Tourism New Brunswick, Big Data Congress, MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, Blue Nose Marathon, T4G Limited, Robinson Heeney, Think Research, McInnes Cooper, Fusion Halifax, Shoreham Village Foundation