Lavonne Boutcher

I love it when my clients say, “You really get us,” because that means we’re on the same page working together on a common goal. I work hard to understand what clients need and ensure the end product delivers value and is something everyone can be proud of. 

For more than 15 years, I have been helping companies and organizations big and small share their knowledge and tell their stories to attract new business and build meaningful relationships with their clients and customers. I have a special knack for taking complex information and making it interesting and understandable. Before getting into marketing communications, I worked as a journalist, so I’m not easily intimated by complex topics or tight deadlines.


Lavonne’s Best Fit

I especially enjoy working with companies on brand and product messaging at the beginning of their journeys or when they’re ready to reposition themselves for growth. I act as an extended member of the team and an objective voice to help them connect the dots and make what they’re offering more attractive to customers.


Lavonne’s Awards & Accomplishments

  • Communicator Award (2010) – informational website for SMART Technologies

  • Communicator Award (2010) – promotional video for SMART Technologies

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Lavonne’s Specializations

Content marketing, Brand and product messaging, Website copywriting, Blogging, Email marketing

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Lavonne’s Client Resume

Nureva Inc., Solium, SMART Technologies, Kinduct Technologies, University of Calgary, Enform, Integrated Sustainability Consultants, Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, Calgary Reads