laura felstiner

As a seasoned Project Manager, I have worked alongside some of the top firms in North America. My 20+ years of diverse work experience with residential development projects, communication and marketing agencies, senior design firms and production companies gives me the confidence, and track record to work in virtually any industry.

I’m intimately involved with every aspect of ensuring the impeccable execution of any project; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing projects. I gravitate towards complex situations where I’m given opportunities to untangle, tame and produce brilliant results.

Laura’s Best Fit

Advertising, marketing and communications firms

Marketing departments

Consumer packaged goods companies

Financial or telecommunications firms

Medium sized residential developers

Sports or Entertainment firms

Client Feedback

“Laura and I have worked together at multiple organizations over many years. She is my first call to help out for varied situations that require a senior level executive with experience and expertise. Whether her skills are required to handle a large new Client with complicated goals, or to come into do an analysis of a department that is struggling, she knows how to evaluate the situation and pulls together solutions, process, and most importantly, an excellent team. She is an exceptional leader, mentor, and a trustworthy colleague. ”

— Janice Bisson, Head of Production, Anomaly

“Laura is like a guiding presence and jumps into a project with both feet. She owns her area and takes care to see it how it works/fits with other parts. That way you often end up with something far greater than you may have started with. With budgets that are always “more for less”, Laura thrived in this environment and brought her high level of professionalism and expertise every day.”

— Caroline Hart, former Group Account Director, Juniper Park\TBWA

“Laura has the remarkable ability to think big while also understanding what is needed for all of the smaller parts in order to achieve success. Key to this approach comes from treating each new project individually and working closely with all team members to design a process catered to its unique objectives. This process is thorough and detailed, and is able to achieve success due to clear understanding for what is required from all team members on how to execute it.”

— Tracy Pokroy, Senior Manager, Podium Experience, Deloitte Canada

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laura's Specializations

Marketing/Advertising Project Manager, Creative Project Manager, Digital Project Manager, Digital Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Operations & Logistics, Team Development

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Laura's Client Resume

Bell Canada, Nike, McDonalds, Kelloggs, General Mills, Nissan, Virgin Mobile, CIBC, Saab, Pfizer, Toronto International Film Festival, Streetcar Developments